Flora Fox

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Successful efforts of the local Coningham Coastcare group today diverted the King Tide at Coningham Beach. Supporters of the project included the Southern Coastcare Association of Tasmania, Kingborough Council, the State Department of Primary Industries, Parks Water & Environment and, a huge effort by community volunteers.

Councillor Flora Fox said: “Looking at the beach at 7am today, with high tide lapping around the sandbags, the soft banks above the beach appeared undamaged.The exercise was worth while.”

  The King Tide lapped around the sandbags, but very little damage occurred, thanks to the

work of forward thinking coastcare workers and 48 volunteers.

According to David James of the Bureau of Meteorology, it could have been 33 centimetres higher if there had been low barometric pressure.

Councillor Flora Fox explained: “The King tide was not as high as expected as there was a high pressure system today. However the sandbags would have reduced potential damage to the bank today if there had been a combined low-pressure, on-shore wind and waves, with the King tide.”

Councillor Flora Fox said: “I have observed some roads and beaches in Kingborough awash and eroded at times of low pressure, on-shore wind, during extreme tides.”

Enthusiastic volunteers of all ages and from all over Kingborough rallied to protect Coningham Beach. Grandparents worked along side teenage grandchildren, Council and Parks and Wildlife staff, hoping to save this beautiful sheltered and natural bea

ch for future generations.

People from Taroona, Conningham, Snug, Blackmans Bay, Howden Margate and even a family visiting from Queensland pitched in on the day.

The next phase of this project will be to plant and support local grasses and succulents to cover the bank around the tree roots. This will support the black gums which give shelter and shade on the beach and hold the bank together.

Councillor Flora Fox said: “I congratulate the volunteers who made the job so easy. On behalf of beach users who value this iconic beach I thank everyone for their contribution to this worthwhile project.”